I’m Michelle

A Leadership Strategist, Management Consultant, Broadcast Exec. and self proclaimed "cool-nerd".


Georgia-girl,  blessed to live and work in some amazing cites and countries.  I chose Mount Juliet, TN and the rest of the amazing Nashville area to call home.  I’m proud to have touched millions as a broadcast exec and consultant to amazing companies who’ve touched even more.  Vist my headquarters Success Lab HQ if you are in the area.

In reality, companies don’t talk, people do. The success of an organization is in the success of the people who work there.”

The question that I get asked quite a bit is “How did you actually get started and last so long doing all of this?”

I’ve always believed that if someone else could, then I could.  And if I saw something that needed to be done, and no one was doing it, I figured out how to get it done.

That pivot launched me into doing my favorite thing...  helping people create success for themselves, in their businesses, families, organizations and the causes they touch.


Just like you I am an earthling in pursuit of living a life filled with purpose. My goal is to help real people and amazing organizations succeed.

Going from “I don’t know” to CEO took some doing, but I’ve left amazing breadcrumbs for you to follow.  That is the purpose of all of this.

“I believe that all of us were created to do something amazing. Knowing what it is and how to get it done is the adventure.”


That is what I do every day.  My job is to help you succeed. I love helping people, and designed this business (and a few others) on the foundation that success is available to everyone.


Through our free content, paid training programs and everything else we offer, our mission is to make sure that you succeed at yours.


If you are just starting out, growing your business or trying to make a big change in your personal life, we are here to help you figure out the best path for your success.

Yes, it’s a business and we sell things. I am so blessed and grateful to God, that I am able to earn a living helping others.

I continue to have success in working with corporations and organizations in developing corporate strategies that create long-term, sustainable, growth focused success.

You're here because I've also added working with individuals and small businesses to make sure that you also have all of the tools needed to reach current goals, and expand for new ones.

We love to give away free stuff around here...

Make sure to get started with a fantastic (and free) audio training called How To Do Everything You Want .

This super training is designed to help you get over the stumbling blocks that have kept you from doing the amazing things that you know that you can do.

Plus, it makes you a BOSS!!!  You become part of my Believers of Supernatural Success insiders.  You get access to me, behind the scenes training and other resources to grow your success.

Thank you for taking the time to check me out.  I am so happy that we’ve connected and I’m excited to see you follow the amazing path that you’ve always been destined for!


Blessings to you and your family!




Don't leave without becoming a BOSS!   

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