Top 5 Things You Should Have Learned in 2020

Learning from tough times is the best way to never have to repeat them. Here are 5 lessons plus a bonus audio to help you make 2021 your best year ever! -M?

I am a germaphobe and have always kept sanitizing wipes in my purse (even before covid). Beyoncé had hot sauce, I have that trial size Lysol in my bag swag. 

With all of the uncertainties of this virus and germs in general, the good lesson that I hope sticks with everyone is to wash your hands consistently. No more sneaking out of the bathroom with bone dry digits… ugg

I was never a fan of open concept living. Who wants the Amazon guy to see your dirty dishes? When everyone had to be at home at the same time, day after day, that great open space caused a big need for a few walls, and a couple of doors to close.

It is also a sanitation thing. How do you quarantine a sick member of the family when there are no walls to separate the space?

I am happy to say that at the workplace walls are back in style for our new post-covid world! The same can be said for homebuyers. People want the closed-concept that our parents grew up with, with a modern twist.

With the quarantine, I can only imagine how a large family with one great room/living/dining area had any sanity. I’d love to hear your survival stories.

In the Nashville area and need to close the door to your own office/workspace for a few hours? Check out Success Lab HQ .

Yes, the bottoms can be PJs. but make sure your hair and top half are zoom call ready. The remote dress code may not be as strict, but don’t forget eyes are on you.

There are still promotions to be made, career ladders to climb and deals to close. Don’t lose your next raise over a wrinkled t-shirt top.

Recently there has been and continues to be, so much fake news, political pandering and plain old untruthfulness going around that it is super important to get the facts and check it through multiple sources.

Believing something just because it feels good, is a bad move. We only do well-planned, focused, strategic moves here. 

There’s nothing like a world wide pandemic to let you know how easy it is for even the largest stream of income to dry up.

Waiting for the government or your job to bail you out is not how you really want to live. Make sure you have ways of creating income that don’t rely on each other and they don’t stop. Phrase of the day… passive income.

You have great things that you do best. Learn to create revenue streams from them.

Passive income is money that you earn while you are asleep. An online t-shirt store, printing your favorite recipes online, taking the problems you solve at work, and making them accessible to the masses (for a fee of course). Right now there are such low barriers to starting a small business.

If you aren’t sure what your gifts are, I have a great resource called The Purpose Blueprint Formula. It helps you figure out what skills you have that can can grow income for your family.

Don’t know where to start. You know I’ve got you covered. Check out this free audio called How to Do Everything You Want. I’m sharing my best tips on creating success in your everyday life. My goal is to help 1000 people make 2021 their best year ever! Let’s do it.

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