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 Ready to be better at leading your company, your cause, or your own life?  This is the place for you.

I’m Michelle Price- Johnson -  Leadership Strategist, Management Consultant, Broadcast Exec. and self proclaimed "cool-nerd".

I’ve spent valuable years as an executive at great companies where I’ve increased visibility, expanded profit and increased efficiency.

But, in reality, companies don’t talk. People do. The success of any organization is the success of the people who work there.

That pivot launched me into doing my favorite thing...  helping people create success for themselves individually, in their own businesses, families, organizations and the causes they touch.

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That is what I do every day. My job is to help you reach your goals and set new ones that keep your growth ever-expanding.

Wall Street Journal Leadershio Award

I’ve successfully worked in broadcasting and leadership for most of my life.

The pic on the left is me receiving an award for Leadership from the Wall Street Journal.

I actually got to keep it for a few days before it was confiscated by my mom!

I have an MA in Business/Leadership and I'm currently working on my PhD.

I continue to have success in working with corporations and organizations in developing corporate strategies that create long-term, sustainable, growth focused success.

Recently, I've also added working with individuals and solopreneurs to make sure that they also have all of the tools needed to reach current goals, and expand for new ones.

My mission is to make sure that you succeed at yours!


I’ve created this "webiverse" for two reasons:



To Help You

Be Your Best


To Help You

Get What You Want




The "Michelle Mix" is my secret sauce to your success.  It is a 3 pronged approach that is designed and formulated to get you moving forward.




Leveraging my own business and academic experience, I provide specific strategies to figure out what the challenges are and what success should look like.  Every plan is different. I teach how to determine how best to use your time and resources before you waste energy and money doing the wrong things. Know the "what" before you do the "do".



I believe an evidence-based plan  is a successful plan. After determining where you are going, it is important to develop a plan to get there. You will hear me refer to this as your Remedy.  Getting all the facts to make sure that your efforts are smart and efficiently focused on your goals is the best path to success.  I can help you make sure that your goals are supported by a realistic plan to get where you want to go. Wasting time is for the birds.



After figuring out the goals and developing a plan for success, the next thing is to  DO —  All of the great planning and preparation in the world is shorted out with inaction. But, sometimes you need an accountability network and a boost to keep you motivated to stay the course. I do this in a variety of ways, including; mentoring, resources, training and the good-old, "Help me Michelle, I'm Stuck" calls.  You don't have to be alone in your success journey, I am here to help.


What Should You Do First?

That's Easy!

Make sure to get started with a fantastic (and free) audio training called How To Do Everything You Want .

This super training is designed to help you get over the stumbling blocks that have kept you from doing the amazing things that you know that you can do.

Plus, it makes you a BOSS!!!  You become part of my Believers of Supernatural Success insiders.  You get access to me, behind the scenes training and other resources to grow your success.





 That is what I do every day. My job is to help you reach your goals and set new ones that keep your growth ever-expanding. So, let’s create a plan of success for…

YOU                    YOUR COMPANY                    YOUR CAUSE




Some of the Amazing Companies I've Worked With

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