Networking Tips for People Who Hate Networking

Most people that hate networking or get minimal results at it, are simply doing it wrong.

When you change the focus of why you are networking,  it can actually be fun and super successful (no matter if you’d  rather eat tree bark).

Recently a friend of mine asked me to give her a coaching session on networking.  She is one of those people that always has a smile on her face and is ready to share or help.  So of course I said yes.

I was actually surprised that she would need coaching, since she has such an outgoing personality.  But, as I talked to her about what her needs were, I could see that she, like my husband and many other people, get shy when it comes to networking for business.

You may be that way too. At church and with friends and family, it can be easy to talk and hold conversations.  But…. when it comes time to network for business, career or just for yourself in general, a stumbling block can appear.  I have figured out the cause, and have a great remedy for you.

Chatting with friends or family is easy, but becomes difficult when I have to network for something I need/want.

It’s not about you!  – The main reason why many people network is so that they can get something from someone else. What makes people hate networking is the thought of having to “beg” for someone’s attention, time or capital.

That is backwards and usually won’t net you the deep lasting connections with people of influence that you are hoping for.

Instead, think of what you have to give to the people you are hoping to network with.  When you realize that you are there to give your product, service, expertise to whomever needs it, your feelings and success with networking will change.

People who are having a tough time networking usually fall into two categories:

The sharks – They are working the room, seeking whom they can devour by way of getting contact info or business advice or money.  They move through the crowd chomping away.  Once they get as much value as they can from you, or a better choice passes by, they are their way on to the next meal.


So let’s say an executive or investor has a chance encounter with a shark. The shark will immediately begin trying to get information, email addresses and other info so that the executive will give him the resource he needs.

The executive will most likely give out the “can’t really contact me” email address and phone number. No one likes to be nibbled on and there is no benefit to the executive for meeting the shark. That opportunity is lost because of greed and over zealousness.

The Guppies – They hate networking because deep down, they don’t really feel that they have anything to offer. Their hope is that someone will miraculously help them with free information, coaching, time, etc.  They don’t really have a  plan and are much more “corner of the room” than the “center of the room sharks”.  Guppies rarely go to network events because they would actually have to speak to people.

Let’s say our guppy happens to be on the elevator with the VP of Finance. Since our guppy was hired as an Accountant, he wants to make a connection.  With sweaty palms, the guppy either quietly says, “ I’m Nick in accounting”, and quickly looks down as he shuffles through the damp papers in his hands” or the door opens on the elevator before he could get anything out. This opportunity is lost because of fear and insecurity.

The problem with these two styles is that they both have one key, incorrect focus.  They are hoping to get something from someone else when they should be trying to offer people what they have to give.

Instead of thinking, “I can help you streamline your sales with my new “RevGen 2000” the shark is thinking about how he can talk his unsuspecting prey into giving up cash, time, and influence to make a sale.

Instead of trying to get something from someone else you should be offering people what you have to give.

On the other hand, the guppy feels so insecure about his/her abilities or worth, that their hopes of promotion are thwarted by their inability to confidently speak up about the new ways that he has found to save the company thousands of dollars lost by accounting errors.

In both of these scenarios, the shark and the guppy approached their contact hoping to gain instead of trying to give.

When you view networking as a way to help people, it changes how you view yourself.  Confidently know that what you have to offer is good and can help someone else.  That is what encourages lasting relationships and more comfortable connections.

***If you are truly a shark and only looking for a way to get something from someone else, may your next networking session be full of people exactly like you!

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