My birthday and gift to you…

Hey guys!

September 20th, was my birthday!!!   I didn’t do anything major.  I got amazing news on Monday, that I can’t share yet. But, it has me on cloud nine.  I am terrible at keeping happy secrets, but I will let you know as soon as I can!  …oops back to the post…


This is a pic of some of my friends at an impromptu birthday party for me, a couple of years ago.  At the time, these were really new friends. My hubby and I had just moved to our new house in a new city. These amazing ladies came into my life and we are still friends today. Plus my friend list is still growing!

My lesson for you?  As adults, we often get so caught up in work, family, bills, etc…  that we forget to make new friends.  As we grow older and hopefully wiser, our friend list goes through a thinning.  But, it should also go through growth as well.

Do you have new friends who have the same goals as you and are at your level in life? Can you chat over coffee at Starbucks and talk about the things that interest you now?  If not, work on growing your friend list. Check out Networking That Really Works or even try Doubt Killer’s CAMPCRUSHIT my 5-day online confidence bootcamp.  Both skills are necessary when adding the right new people to your circle!

My birthday wish for you?  1)Enjoy every day of your life  2)Give and receive love constantly 3) Laugh with people who get your jokes!


P.S.  Share your words of wisdom below!

Love you!