Have You Stopped Growing?

Hey guys…

If you knew how “un-domestic” I used to be, you’d really appreciate the tea parties that I do now. The image below is at a little soire I put together for some of my ladies. Most of them checked for a hidden party planner. But this was all me. A far cry from the business woman takeout program that I lived on for most of my career. #growthisgood

tea table

All of us go through seasons, chapters, periods and eras of change. The goal is to continually evolve into a better version of yourself with each passing day.


On the outside, the skin you had today isn’t the skin you’ll have next week (or tomorrow if you exfoliate well). Our cells are constantly changing. The same should be happening on the inside with our thoughts, actions and feelings. We should be constantly learning, growing and evolving in a positive way. No matter the age.


The tough part comes in when fear, doubt, complacency and in some cases laziness causes us to get stuck in the same place for too long. You get used to doing what you have always done, even when you really want more.

Having to change your thinking, and your actions causes many people to give up on goals and dreams. In some cases, the fear of being uncomfortable is greater than the amazing goals that could come true if you only took the first step.

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You can do everything you want. Just try.