Top 3 Reasons to Book Michelle Price-Johnson

Having been an on air host, station manager, national broadcasting executive and now educator and sought after broadcasting consultant, Michelle understands what audiences want and what you need to keep your show relevant and profitable.


So, How Do We Make the Magic Happen?


Here's the Short but Sweet Answer  


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How will we do it?

We focus on topics that affect your audience no matter who they are.  Plus they get access to a great free audio teaching called "How to Do Everything You Want" ... well almost everything.

This free training is a gift from me, to you and your audience.  It  gives them great steps to get their goals done and offers great tips that will help them boost confidence, create meaningful connections and get a clue about what to do next.

The link for your audience to sign up for it is here:

Great Right?


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The Purpose Blueprint Formula - Knowing what your purpose is, and being able to do it profitably is key to life success. Give your audience actionable tips on knowing what they were created to do, and how to actually produce and profit from doing it!

800x800 Cover-Doubtkillers

Doubt Killers – Everyone has a secret goal or dream that they may not have the confidence to attempt.  Let's re-define fear and give them actionable tips to boost confidence and self-esteem to take the first steps.


Leading While Bleeding – Tough situations can alter the path of even the strongest people.  Give your audience a clear pathway of "how to stay on top, when life feels like it is on top of you".


800x800 Networking ebook cover

Networking that Really Works – Everyone needs to make connections whether for a job, friendships, business or love.  Most of your audience hates networking... because they are doing it wrong!   Let's give them practical tips to make meaningful connections.


Need More Specifics?

I know that Growing your Audience, Increasing Engagement and Generating Revenue are important to the health and longevity of your show.  This is how working with me will be benefit you and your audience.




No matter what your niche is, there are core topics that resonate with your audience and get them interested in checking out your show.

The topics that I'll cover will speak to your current community and help you be discovered by new ones.



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Getting your audience to respond and be engaged by; joining your mailing list, visiting your website or following you on social media is important.

Michelle's interview/speaking content includes added value "freemiums" that give your audience a reason to connect with you to gain access.





In addition to the great content, each topic has an accompanying high-impact product that your audiences will be interested in. Ask about becoming an affiliate.


I have been booked solid this year and have limited availability through the end of the year.  Please request booking via the form below.

Booking - Digital
Make sure to note the dates/times that you are requesting to book. My schedule is pretty tight, but I will try to accommodate as many requests as possible. I'd love to share with you and your audience!