Are You Who You Think You Are?

Hey guys,

Today (9/20) is my birthday.  For the last few years, on my birthday, I assess my life, and plan what I want to do for the year. I actually do this every year. The first time I did it, I was shocked…. I realized who I THOUGHT I was, wasn’t really reflected in what I did for the year.

I don’t mean I thought I was honest, yet I robbed a bank, but, I was generally living life on chill. Doing the things that were easy, and getting success in areas that were natural for me. I thought I was super fearless, because I didn’t really feel fear (or at least I thought I didn’t).

I thought I was fearless, but I couldn’t remember when I did anything that caused me to be BRAVE.

In reality, I was on autopilot in my life.  I thought I was fearless, but I couldn’t remember when I did anything that caused me to be BRAVE. I wasn’t asking myself, “So what does God want from me now?” I wasn’t even doing a self-check to see what I wanted for myself. All was well, fam was healthy and happy, friends were fun, finances were cool, faith was ….

I had to actually say, I don’t know when the last time I “faith-ed” for something. I mean, actually waited in expectation for something that I could not make happen in my own might.  Now, this may sound like “hope”, but faith is when you believe that God wants this for you, you “know” that it should be, and you plant your faith on the fact that it MUST HAPPEN. Some great scriptures on faith can be found here.

So, the year was actually 2011 when I had this realization for myself. It was what I call my 2nd stretch. I decided to go back to school and get my Masters, and now I am finishing up a PhD. I retooled my broadcast consultancy to include real people, who need help refocusing their lives (which is why you are reading this). I actually did a 5K. Well I walked the 5K, but I wasn’t last, and made it to the finish line.

I purposefully put myself in little and big situations where I had to be brave to get to the other side. I also found myself in places that only my Faith could have gotten me through (think PhD level statistics).  But, you know what happened? Each time, I got to the other side. I am still alive, and they grew my faith muscle, just like awesome workouts do. So now I am stronger, and better able to face challenges. You can be this strong, and stronger too.

The opposite is also true. If you don’t do this “faith workout”, your faith muscle loses strength. When something happens where you need to be strong in a situation, you crumble. You feel weak. You lose your steadfastness. Sound familiar?

So here’s the good news. You are amazing! So go out and be amazing. You are blessed! So walk in your blessing. You were created for a unique purpose, so go do it.

Here’s another life story from me.  Last year, one of my mentors said that I should apply for this awesome leadership award from The Wall Street Journal.  Of course, I would have loved to win it, but I thought, “Why would they pick me”, so I didn’t apply.  That same person contacted me the weekend before the deadline, and I told him that I “wasn’t interested” (fear based lies).  It was that lie, that made me face the fact that I thought I wouldn’t win, so why try.  CAUGHT!

So of course, it is now the deadline day and  I had to create a video, write a huge essay, and get references submitted by 4pm.  But, I hustled, prayed, got it done…. and I won.  You can see a cool video of my adventure here.

What does this mean for you? If you think you are a generous person, but it takes you a moment to recall your last, amazing outpouring of generosity. Get to work!!!  If you have the idea to do something, don’t just think about it, and talk yourself out of it (in your brain). Do it!  Just thinking about doing something, doesn’t get it done. #toughlove

On the flip side, you are what you do! Have you lied lately? Are you fearful? Which do you do most; Gossip or Glorify?  If you find that your “fruit” isn’t as tasty as you would like, you can fix it…. That means do something to change directions… NOW!

Beginning today, make it a point to list who you think you are, where you want to be and what you have to do to be the “You” of your dreams. You can do it!

Love you!


Of course I wouldn’t leave you stranded. Need help? I got you covered!  I’ve got some great resources below. Or if you would like to work with me, click here.  🙂