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Hey guys,

Having you at the BOSS Summit was amazing.  The second half of 2020 is going to be so much greater than the 1st.

There were so many things that we covered, and I want to give you FREE access to the teachings online.

Per the summit you  know that we "don't do FREE", but I want to make sure that you get Everything and can keep learning to identify, create a plan and reach your goals.

If you did not make the summit, this page is your road-map.   Once you complete steps 1-3, let me know and I will schedule a zoom call with you guys so that we are all on the same page.  If you want the FULL Experience, I am available on 7/25-26 to do a Summit #2.  Let me know if you want me to schedule it. 


Step 1  Listen to this amazing audio first  "How to Do Everything You Want"


Step 2 - Click images below and use code BOSS to get  FREE access to Networking That Really Works and Doubt Killers and access the Purpose Blueprint Formula online course .


If you were at the BOSS Summit, you are already ahead of the game.  You have been BOSS certified and have a t-shirt and your first $100 sale to prove it.

Step 3 - Visit  Tools/ResourcesThis is your cheat sheet for all of the best sources that solve almost every business  concern.  All of them I have used and verified as effective.

All that's left is for you to do the work to produce and prosper by doing what God created you to do.  Get your bag and create wealth for your family. Enjoy every day because they are only getting better.

What Did You Learn From the BOSS SUMMIT?


For my Certified BOSSes, remember.... our zoom calls are  set for:

7/25  at 2:30est/1:30cst

8/23 at 6:30est/5:30cst

9/27 at 6:30est/5:30cst

Join Zoom Meeting
https://mailchimp.zoom.us/j/97561624195?pwd=VStHVUpZRFpPM1VJdVhQeTJIcmRhdz09 (ID: 97561624195, password: 799823)

 We have an amazing island getaway to  plan for in 2021!  Your millionaire journey has begun.  

-Michelle  xoxo


You still have the rest of 2020 to impact your finances and your life.  Make it happen!

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