Scope 3pm-4:04pm CST Sunday 8/14/16

Hey guys!!!!

I am so excited to be part of this experience with you!  I hope that by the time this 65 minutes is over, we each have increased our confidence, our tribes and our coin!  Please check the graphic below to make sure I have your name printed correctly.  If its ok, I plan to post it on my social media tomorrow (you guys can too).  We may make this a big thing?!?!  LOL

scopedate-8-14This is how I see this will work best (but I am up for better ideas).  Each of us is committing this 65 minutes to the group.

Trisha offered to start the ball rolling, so this is how it will go.

Beginning with Trisha as the first scoper, we should all join in with her scope.  I will give a 1 minute warning at which time she winds down and her last 10 secs will be sending people to Shelly.  Shelly, at Trisha’s 1 minute warning, you should leave and open your scope. I’ll be the last to leave Trisha’s scope (besides Trisha) so when I get there, Shelly will know everyone is there.  And so forth and so on.   (I hope that makes sense)

And…. if you need a quick guide for your scope:

Intro yourself and your background

Tell people about your services and how you can help them succeed!

Share your website and any prod/serv.

Time left?? Repeat!


It seems like a good idea to have our little group chat open if you are on your phone and have your laptop free, just so we can chat outside to keep up with each other.

I am hoping that we create a snowball affect.  I will be noting how many followers and hearts I have before the scope, to measure what I have after to see how effective this is.  I don’t sneeze at small receipts!


If you guys want to text or call me my contact info is 615 5549190

See you Sunday!

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