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Concept: 24/7 stream of EN sermons, music and live programming

Launch Consideration – The following is a simple project management assessment of the tools, time and human capital needed for this project.  A more complete assessment can be completed if there is interest.

  • Software
    • Streaming Server – 24/7 Streaming can be done for a cost of less than $150 per month. Lower rates can be done by great negotiating.
    • Scheduling Software – This is the heart of the network and the highest upfront cost. There are two ways to approach this.
      • Freeware or Opensource scheduling can be done at minimal to low cost, but there is a limited flexibility
      • Standard Scheduling/Automatin software. – This software is expensive ($17K est.) but reliable. These are industry standards in:
        • Scheduling programming
        • Live Tracking
        • Flexible Geography
        • **(RCS/selector is currently used by Moody, Salem, Dave Ramsey)
  • Hardware
    • 2 desktop comps with a terabyte backup (req. minim per software spec)
    • Grounded Internet Connection at HQ
    • Desk- work station
    • Closed off/ Sound proof area
  • Human Capital
    • The startup would be a suggested 90 day launch cycle to
      • load programming for launch,
      • manage station branding,
      • set up programming blocks
      • survey audience for needs assessment
      • marketing
    • Maintenance should take a channel manager 20 hours per week to maintain produced content from networked ministries or 40 hours + if there is a production component.

Overall, ROI on this type of ministry tool is high.  Information can be disseminated globally. Excellent programming would engage current EN congregants as well ministering via the web to those who are unsaved or unchurched.

Additionally, EN would be able to set up channels in any language that stream from the internet, and provide continuous ministry broadcasting.

If I can assist, let me know.

Michelle Price-Johnson

615 5549190


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