Today is a reflective day. By now, you should know that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. The thing you fear appears to be real, but the whole scenario is in your mind. It does not exist in the real world.... yet!

But, you can make your fears exist by giving in to them.


If you fear that you will lose your job, so you walk around timid, angry and depressed, you create the scenario to actually get fired.

Have you ever thought about what your "fear face"looks like? 

Also, think about, why would your boss (or anyone else) would keep a sad, scared person around?

Ok... so you may not walk around looking like this on the outside, but this is what you look like on the inside. Fear Face takes the form of anger, depression, envy, selfishness and other negative traits. Take heart, we are turning that ship around.


Now, let's think about people that always come in with a smile, share joy and encouragement. How do they look?

Happiness comes from confidence. Take a look at the image below. What emotion do you get from this face?

The lesson below is in today's workbook. Get it here.  Or  feel free to review it on this page.


WARM UP Face you fear

Right now, make a list of three things that you are afraid of, or are negative areas in your life.





Just like fear can cause you to be angry and afraid, you have to see that it does the same thing in other people. Plus... they don't have me as a new best friend!

Think about how fear and doubt can cause someone to react and how you have reacted in the same situation. When you feel afraid that you won't have enough, how does it affect your ability to share? When you see someone else being selfish, think about what they fear not having enough of.

When you are really reflective about it, this is the mind shift that changes attitudes that can change the world.

Next, let's take a positive view to the situation, and think of the best possible solution that could happen, if you confidently believed it could.


If this is your #1. My boss hates me and wants to fire me the first chance he gets.

Your New #1 could be. My boss needs me to succeed so that he can succeed. His grumpiness is probably fear. How can I help him be more confident?

Yes, I know it will mean that you have to be nice to someone that may not be nice to you. Remember that, hurting people hurt people! That isn't who you are. You are working on getting over hurt and fear, and walking out being whole and happy. So, go for it!

What are your new ways of handling your three areas of fear/negativity?

NEW 1.

NEW 2.

NEW 3.


Today, as part of your workout I want you to have your heart open to recognize when you see someone walking in fear. It would be great if you could go over and offer them a supportive word, or just give them this link to DOUBT KILLERS .

The goal is for you actually recognize what fear/doubt looks like in others, so that you can quickly identify it in yourself. This will give you a greater awareness of why we do what we do.


Tonight, when you get ready for bed write down your observations for the day. You can get it started with... Today I got a good look at my "fear face" by seeing it manifested in...

TIP: Since you are reading this now, go ahead and write out the exercise starter "Today I got a good look at my "fear face by seeing it manifested in..." in your notebook. That way when you hop in bed tonight, you won't have to search through your emails!

You are making great progress!


P.S What to get work with me? Get 1 on 1 help, have me speak to your group, or anything else by connecting with me here. I look forward to meeting you.

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