Yes! You Can Have Confidence To Live The Life Of Your Dreams…



You Have Not Because You Ask Not 

The question is...

Why Haven't You Asked?


Most times it's because you don't have the confidence in yourself, to do what you were created to do.


Let's fix that.

Start Being the Blessed, Confident, Joyful, Vibrant, Productive, Faith-focused You... In  5 Days

Have You Ever Said To Yourself...

"I wish I knew how to be as confident as everyone else seems to be."

"I find it hard to talk to certain people, especially new people."

"I've always been the odd person out. How do I get the courage to do and share the things I love?" 

"I'm stuck in a life that I don't want, but I don't really believe I can have the life I really want."


You're not alone.


All of us have bouts of self-doubt. But, for some people, those doubts aren't overcome. Confidence is the ability to tame the doubts that could stop you from doing the things you want or need to do.


Doubt and fear can slow the progress of a bullied teenager as well as an accomplished CEO. The hard part is retraining your brain NOT to believe the negative thought loop replaying in your mind, and to replace it with things that motivate you.


Sadly, many people try to get confidence by  trying to force themselves to be more confident. Telling themselves to "just do it". But, that doesn't work.


No matter what other people say about you, or what things you are holding onto from your past, it is possible to have the self-confidence and mojo to believe in yourself. The skill you need to develop is this:


You have to quit playing the negative song that is stuck on repeat in your brain, and replace it with a new, more positive one.


This can't be stressed enough.


In order to have the confidence to ask for the promotion, get the job or stand up to the bully,  just hoping to 'wake up' with more confidence, is not the answer.


If you want to REALLY believe that you are worthy of the best life possible, you have to begin replacing doubt-based thoughts with ones that motivate you. That takes getting mindful, focused and positive input.


I am a leadership development consultant, and have worked with many leaders and everyday people to overcome doubt and boost self-esteem and maximize self-confidence. Some needed confidence to speak to millions of people, and others needed to overcome doubt just to speak to one.


I've helped them, and I can help you too.  I've created a fun and effective, 5-day process that gives you the tools to do just that.

Ready to boost your confidence, overcome doubt, get your groove back  and walk out the prosperous, productive life that you were created to live?

Then you are ready for Camp Crush It!

And if you are thinking...

"You had me at blessed, where do I sign up?"

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It's  5-day online, bootcamp that has helped so many people just like you, to boost confidence and crush doubt.

  • For 5 days inspirational lessons will be sent to your inbox
  • Some lessons will be video, some written but all tailored to inspire you for greatness
  • You will also get fun challenges that will keep you pumped throughout your day to remind you of how amazing you are
  • Do them when you get them, or save them for the weekend.
  • It is on your schedule, at your pace, all for amazing results for you!

You can do this! I'm here to help!

(oh... who am I?  I'm Michelle your coach. That's me to the left. More info on me is listed below)

So, I'm kind of interested... how does it work?

This course is pre-recorded and self-paced so you may do it in your own time, in your own way.

You get quick and simple tasks to build your  confidence and help change that self-doubt loop in  your brain. 

Doubt and fear can slow the progress of anyone! A bullied teenager, stay-at-home mom, even an accomplished CEO all have to overcome doubt to live the life God has created you for.

The hard part is retraining your brain NOT to believe  the negative thought loop replaying in your mind and  to replace it with things that motivate you! 

For some, doubts last longer and keep you from living the great life you should have.

 We give you the tools and tips to help "retrain your brain" to think more confidently!

The Happy, Confident, Fun-loving, Successful You is ready for action... This course/bootcamp can show you how! 

Still not convinced? You're not here by accident.

Instead of just watching everyone else walk out their victory,  get the tools to overcome fear and doubt, to stand strong in your calling.

Increase your confidence when meeting with your boss, new clients, new ministry opportunities, business prospects, job interviewers and every opportunity that has been provided for you.

image with my photo

CAMP CRUSH IT Shows you how to erase that negative soundtrack  that can replay in your mind and replace it with one that powers you to your goals and so much more.

  • Walk through the world in confidence, rather than being stuck missing out on doing what you love and what you were created to do.
  • Everyone has doubts. How you overcome them shapes how you approach life.
  • God didn't give you the spirit of fear... so why are you holding on to it?
  • You are meant for something bigger and better! (otherwise you wouldn't have made it this far down this page.)
  • Plus, you get daily motivation from me!  Tough, faith based, love.


Sign up to get your FREE COPY of Doubt Killers, and pickup the promo code to get Camp Crush It for only $25.

Let's CrushIt! I've got your back!



I like what I see, but who's running this thing?


Wall Street Journal Leadershio Award

Hi, I'm Michelle Price-Johnson.

I'm a broadcasting exec, leadership consultant, life-group leader, professor and organizational strategy expert and knowledge nerd.  I've been consulting national and international businesses, nonprofits, ministries and world-changing individuals since 2005.

Leveraging the concepts I teach in this program, I grew my own business through prayer, thoughtful-engineering and socially focused design (did I mention, lots of prayer).

I have a degree in business, an MA in Leadership and am almost done with a PhD in Management.

Recently, I received a Leadership Award from The Wall Street Journal.  (that's me over there)

I've come to the rescue of multi-million dollar corporate giants, soul-saving ministries and people just like you. The commonality with everyone? How well you understand your strengths, what you were created to do and who created you, along with your willingness to stay faith-focused  on your goals, determines the level of success you will reach.   I'll show you how.




A few testimonies from people who were just like you!


"it was only 5 days, but by the 2nd morning I realized I was excited to get the email to start my day"

"I just needed a boost to get my courage up for my next promotion.  The funny and thoughtful emails reminded me that I can do whatever I focus myself on doing"

"My brother sometimes gets bullied at school. I saw this on Pintrest and signed him up.  I forgot about it until he came in one morning with the biggest smile. He said was getting rid of his "fear face" from day 3 of the course. By the end of breakfast we all were grinning."

"This was the BEST! I used to hate speaking in front of people, but the exercise where we wrote a quote and actually posted it made me feel so accomplished...."



By this time next week what will 

Your Testimony be?

Get the Mental Muscle to Get Your Dreams DONE!

When you sign up for Camp Crush It, there is no sweaty drill instructor, or 5am workouts...

(unless you love 5am mental workouts)

Register today for only $25

You are signing up for nearly half price . (During this promotion only)

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