The Catalyst

Get the answers to create the life that you’ve dreamt of living.

The Catalyst-The missing element to your next level. Connections, Networking, Confidence, Purpose,

You have a job or your own business, but you're still missing

"That Thing"

that will get you to the next level.

The Three Pillars To Your Success

Confidence, Overcome Doubt
Grow Connections, Networking
Discover Your Purpose, Get Answers


Deep down you really don’t go after that big thing because you don’t want to fail. Information breeds confidence. Get the knowledge to always "Step Strong".


Learn how to relax and create meaningful connections with people who WANT TO SEE YOU WIN.


Lack of information can shut you down every time.  Get the tools to stop stumbling around wasting time not knowing what to do next.

The Catalyst is made up of simple bite sized sections that help you grow your network, overcome doubt, and more clearly understand what you were created to do.  Finally, get it done better, faster and with more ease.



Always wanted the secrets that some people have for success? These short lessons will help you erase stumbling blocks and get you ready to excel at doing what you were created to do.

The Catalyst is where you finally get the answers to create the life that you’ve dreamt of living.

No sales. No junk. Just facts.

In working with executives, broadcasters, nonprofits and people from all walks of life, I created programs that answered the questions I was asked most.

This is what I do every day!

My job is to help you reach your goals and set new ones that keep your growth ever-expanding.