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Have You Ever Said To Yourself...

"I wish I knew how to be as confident as everyone else seems to be."

"It's hard to talk to people, especially new people."

"I've always been the odd person out. How do I get the courage to do and share the things I love?" 

"I'm stuck in a life that I don't want, but I don't really believe I can have the life I really want."

I've always had low self esteem, I just thought I always would.

I've always wanted to do________ but I never had the courage to try.

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You Are Not Alone

Doubt and fear can slow the progress of a bullied teenager as well as an accomplished CEO.

Sadly, many people try to get confidence by  forcing themselves to be more confident. 

Telling yourself  to "just do it",  doesn't work.

Hoping to wake up with more confidence, won't give you the courage to ask for the promotion, get the job or stand up to the bully.

What is the answer?  No matter what other people say about you, or what things you are holding onto from your past, it is possible to have the self-confidence and mojo to believe in yourself and the self-power to get things done!

The secret? You must develop this skill:

Learn to quit playing the negative song that is stuck on repeat in your brain, and replace it with a new, more positive one.

We Teach Your How!

Before you get scared.  Everything is online, at your own pace, and you can do it in your PJs.  Best yet...

It's not super-expensive, or time consuming.

You can change your life for only $47.

Or... your next week, can stay the same as your last week.  Choose wisely!

Camp Crush It is designed to help you boost confidence & crush doubt - FAST!

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